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Infrastructure for Mission Critical Networks
High-quality connectivity is essential for today’s critical wireless networks. Our structured cabling systems are designed for small to large business enterprises that require Power over Ethernet and scalability to meet future wireless demands. These systems have been third-party tested and verified to exceed industry standards.

Cat 6A
Whether you need Leviton Atlas-X1™ Cat 6A performance for mission-critical applications or Leviton eXtreme® Cat 6A connectivity for high-quality enterprise or commercial environments, we deliver the bandwidth you need to support any wireless network. And with its specially designed signal-isolating discontinuous foil shield, Berk-Tek LANmark™-XTP Cat 6A cable is the only choice for 802.11ac wireless.
Power Over Ethernet
Running power and data over the same cable eliminates additional wiring, saving on cost and redundant cabling. Leviton structured cabling systems meet the need for higher bandwidth and power while limiting increases in temperature. See the Berk-Tek Leviton PoE Solutions.
Air-Handling Spaces
Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies plenum-rated solutions have been tested and approved to meet requirements for flammability and smoke density in air‑handling spaces, making them ideal for enterprise wireless networks.

Key Systems
Our highest performing system exceeds all performance standards for error-free functionality up to 10GBASE-T and PoE up to 100 watts, ideal for wireless backbones.
Excellent for high-bandwidth networks and PoE up to 100 watts.