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Find a Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies sales representative in your area.

U.S. State Sales Representative Phone Number
Alabama Core Logics 404-804-1307
Alaska CoreTek Reps, Inc. 360-696-8485
Arizona Southwest Electrical Group 480-317-0868
Arkansas Alliance Partners 214-517-8913
California West Cal Technologies 949-585-9574
Colorado Southwest Electrical Group 480-317-0868
Connecticut Triumph Marketing 860-875-7610
Delaware Intra Tech Solutions 215-354-1455
District of Columbia Capital Network Solutions 410-703-1924
Florida The Tronex Group 352-735-1820
Georgia Core Logics
Hawaii West Cal Technologies 949-585-9574
Idaho CoreTek Reps, Inc. 360-696-8485
Illinois WG Technologies 847-645-9535 
Indiana WG Technologies 847-645-9535
Iowa WG Technologies 847-645-9535
Kansas WG Technologies 847-645-9535
Kentucky PC Telecom 859-491-2260
Louisiana Alliance Partners 214-517-8913
Maine Triumph Marketing 860-875-7610
Maryland Capital Network Solutions 410-703-1924
Massachusetts Triumph Marketing  860-875-7610
Michigan WG Technologies  847-645-9535
Minnesota BIT Sales Group, Inc.
Mississippi Core Logics
Missouri WG Technologies 847-645-9535
Montana CoreTek Reps, Inc. 360-696-8485
Nebraska WG Technologies 847-645-9535
Nevada West Cal Technologies 949-585-9574
New Hampshire Triumph Marketing 860-875-7610
New Jersey (North) Triad Information Systems 732-744-1144
New Jersey (South) Intra Tech Solutions 215-354-1455
New Mexico Southwest Electrical Group 480-317-0868
New York City / Long Island Triad Information Systems 732-744-1144
New York Morgan Hill 800-819-9926
North Carolina JPI Associates 919-554-2160
North Dakota BIT Sales Group, Inc. 763-218-9639
Ohio PC Telecom 859-491-2260
Oklahoma Alliance Partners 214-517-8913
Oregon CoreTek Reps, Inc. 360-696-8485
Pennsylvania (East) Intra Tech Solutions 215-354-1455
Pennsylvania (West) Morgan Hill 800-819-9926
Rhode Island Triumph Marketing 860-875-7610
South Carolina JPI Associates 919-554-2160
South Dakota BIT Sales Group, Inc. 763-218-9639
Tennessee Core Logics
Texas Alliance Partners 214-517-8913
Utah Southwest Electrical Group 480-317-0868
Vermont Triumph Marketing 860-875-7610
Virginia Capital Network Solutions 410-703-1924
Washington CoreTek Reps, Inc. 360-696-8485
West Virginia Morgan Hill 800-819-9926
Wisconsin WG Technologies 847-645-9535
Wyoming Southwest Electrical Group 480-317-0868