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OM4+ Extended Reach for 40G/100G

With the rapid adoption of 10GbE networks and the increasing demand for 40GbE and 100GbE, more data centers are choosing OM4+ fiber performance for better bandwidth and link distances. The Berk-Tek Leviton OM4+ Premium Violet Data Center System offers the best chance to future proof the cabling infrastructure, with an extended reach that covers nearly all data center layouts. The system can transmit 40/100GbE signals out to an unprecedented 300 meters when using standard 40GBASE-SR4 or 100GBASE-SR10 transceivers, thanks to its improved optical link power budget.

The OM4+ cabling and connectivity is color-coded violet to avoid confusion and channel loss that can occur when OM3 and/or OM4 fiber cabling is used in the same data center as OM4+ fiber cabling.

Pre-Terminated Trunk Cables

Trunk cables using Berk-Tek Micro Data Center Plenum (MDP) cable offer the highest density backbone connectivity on the market. The trunks can be customized for length staggering, connector type, breakout style, fiber count, and more.

Patch Cords

Choose from custom-configurable LC and MTP violet patch cords for 10G, 40G, and 100G applications. Leviton also offers a reversing polarity LC uniboot cord option, allowing polarity changes in the field without tools. Select patch cords are available for next-day and in some cases same-day shipping (quantity limitations apply).


Cassettes use premium low-loss MTP® connections. A variety of cassette options are available to support high-density patching, fast deployment, and a simple migration path to 40G and 100G applications.

Adapter Plates

Our violet adapter plates connect to field-terminated backbone cabling or pre-terminated trunks. All plates feature zirconia ceramic sleeves, which provide high performance and low insertion loss. Compact HDX adapter plates offer a high-density footprint, delivering up to 192 fibers using quad LC in a 2RU Opt-X HD Enclosure.


40G Data Center Infrastructure Secrets

This webinar includes a discussion of simple and efficient cabling practices to maximize data center optical performance, rack and pathway density, and cable management for the 40G Data Center. The topics covered include:

  • Market trends Driving the Need for 40G
  • The Impact of 40G on Data Center Architectures, including Top of Rack and End of Row run distances
  • Infrastructure options to address needed speeds
  • Cost implications of these options
  • IEEE Power budget requirements for 40G
  • A presentation of DCCC Link Loss research and modeling

Hosted by Mike Connaughton, RCDD, CDCD, Berk-Tek Market Segment Manager, Data Center 

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