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Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies Brochure
Copper Systems Power over Ethernet Guide
Core System Selection by Technology
Enterprise Fiber Infrastructure Guide
Fiber Solutions Line Card
Using MPTL with Ease and Confidence Tech Brief
Testing SWDM4 Transceivers over Multimode Fiber App Note
Connectivity with Cisco 40G BiDi Transceivers App Note
Connectivity with Arista 40G UNIV Transceivers App Note
Converged Application Score - App Note
Converged Application Score - FAQ


Taming the Beast - Health Care Data Requirements
Optimizing High-Power PoE


High Performance for High-Power PoE
AV Systems for Classrooms
AV Systems with Control for Classrooms
AV Systems for Conference Rooms
AV Systems with Control for Conference Rooms
AV Splitter for Enterprise and Education
AV Switcher for Enterprise and Education
Fast Deployment: Temporary Health Care - Cat 6 / OM4


Copper Systems
CX5000 Cat 5e Standard PoE UTP System
CP5300 Cat 5e High Power PoE UTP System
UP1000 Ultra-High Power PoE 1G System
AV6400 1 Gb/s AV Shielded System
CS6100 Cat 6 Shielded System
CX6000 Cat 6 Standard UTP System
CX6050 Cat 6 Standard+ UTP System
CX6150 Cat 6 Enhanced+ UTP System
CX6300 Cat 6 Premium+ UTP System
IS6710 Cat 6A F/UTP Industrial System
IS6720 Cat 6A High-Flex SF/UTP Industrial System
IS6730 Cat 6A High-Flex SF/UTP Industrial System
IX6850 Cat 6A Premium+ X/UTP Industrial System
AV6850 10 Gb/s AV UTP System
CS6700 Cat 6A Shielded System
CX6500 Cat 6A UTP System
CX6850 Cat 6A Premium+ UTP System
CX6900 High-Density Cat 6A Premium+ UTP System

Fiber Systems
Single-Mode Fiber | OS2
Standard Fiber | OM1
Premium Fiber | OM3 / OM4


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